I helped make and serve 1,500 servings of my winning meal, Sunrise Tuscan Chicken, to Athens City School Kids!

033 Exciting news!!  My school system decided to serve  my Kids State Dinner winning meal, Sunrise Tuscan Chicken for school lunch.  They agreed to offer my meal to all of the school kids.  The day before we served it, we all helped prepare it at our Middle School.  We made 1,500 servings and the next day it was sent to all of our 6 schools.  We had many people volunteering to help, and I am so thankful that they helped me.  I got to help serve the meal to my school, and it was so cool to see everyone like it!  The main item that was thrown away was the chocolate milk, and that never happens!  I’m hoping that we will now start having lots of healthy lunches, since our administration  saw how many kids liked it. We added FRESH carrots as another side, and my friends were so happy we didn’t have the mushy cooked carrots! Click here to read about Sunrise Tuscan Chicken being served!http://www.athensohiotoday.com/news/athens-students-served-award-winning-meal/article_78821b06-b648-5988-881e-143338c6497b.html

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