Cooking Demo with 48 2nd and 3rd Graders making Caprese Salad Pitas!!

photo (22)photo (20) photo (21) photo 2 (7)

I had so much fun teaching 2nd and 3rd graders how to make an amazing yummy meal, Caprese Salad Pita Wraps!  All of the kids divided into groups and helped wash and cut all of the ingredients, and then we created a buffet and they all got to fill their whole grain pita pockets.  So many kids had never tried some of the ingredients including fresh mozzarella, green onions, fresh basil, and cider vinegar that was used as part of the dressing.  The neatest thing was after they all helped cut everything, they all wanted every single ingredient in their pita during the buffet line!! It was so much fun, and the OU students that I spoke to also came to help as part of the Live Healthy Kids group.  All of the kids got to take home a copy of the recipe, and lots of them have told me that they made the recipe at home with their parents over the weekend.  Thanks to East Elementary for letting me have my cooking demonstrations and introducing kids to fresh healthy meals and veggies!!

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